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Midlife-A-Go-Go the podcast!

Feb 19, 2020


What is the quality that makes each woman an individual? Is it the way she talks? Is it her personality? Perhaps it's her outlook on life? It's all of these things and more. Every woman is singular, unique, distinctive.

On this podcast season opener, I'm chatting with Melody Gary, creator and owner of Distinctively...

Feb 5, 2020

Life has a tendency to throw us curve balls. One minute things are fine, the next minute the crap hits the fan. What do we do? How do we handle the hiccups that come our way? How exactly do we cope with the crappy stuff of life?

On this Season 3 podcast kickoff, I’m chatting with a special guest. Maybe you’ve seen...

Dec 25, 2019


It's baaaack!

Season 2 of "Midlife-A-Go-Go the podcast!" has come to an end, but the season kicked off with the new feature, "This is What Midlife Looks Like." From there it was on to overcoming obstacles, sleep, laughter and memoir. Did you catch them all? If not, no need to worry. Teaserpalooza 2 gives you a...

Dec 11, 2019


Have you ever thought about writing your story? I mean the story of you? Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone is equipped to tell it. Is it time you told your story?

Join me on this episode as I chat with Janelle Hardy, a writer, artist, host of the Personal Mythmaking Podcast and the creator / teacher of...

Nov 27, 2019


When was the last time you had a good laugh? I mean that cathartic, belly-hugging, soul singing kinda laughter? Our bodies need laughter. It's healing. It's powerful. In some ways, it's contagious.

On this episode, I'm having a great chat with NaKaisha Tolbert-Banks. NaKaisha is, among other things, an...